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    Monday, August 9th, 2010
    9:25 pm
    Why I Don’t Care How It Ends (With Honestly, NO SPOILERS)
    …a little bit of sternness, and a whole lotta love

    So…the show is ending forever in September, and our world will be a little bit greyer. Whether we, as a fandom, follow spoilers or not, we’re all a bit anxious about how it will come out and we want a happy ending, and let’s face it, in the world that is soap drama, we may not get it, either Nukies OR LuRians.

    As the day gets closer, we’re nervous and anxious, and frustrated at characters and writers and TPTB

    But…I’m here to tell you why it doesn’t matter whether Luke ends up with Noah or Reid, or alone or “Rocks fall. Everybody dies.” (geeky gamer thing, and my PERSONAL happy ending for CarJack and Pemily and Lilden and Dammit!)

    It doesn’t matter on three fronts.

    1. Equality First: Late in 2005, Van Hansis was introduced as the new actor portraying major character Luke Snyder. In the spring of 2006, his character came out. Since that time, Luke has remained a major character on the show, interacting in many storylines. ATWT brought on a love interest for him, and invested in that storyline, and in August of 2007, the two shared the first gay male kiss on daytime TV in the U.S. TPTB were influenced by the morality police, and there were KissBans and CockBlocks, but they didn’t have Luke come out and then move away, or come out and languish celibately, or have a relationship and then get blamed for ratings drops and banished. He’s been out and proud for FOUR YEARS, people. This is HUGE!

    On January 19, 2009, Luke and Noah FINALLY had sex, after driving many people (myself included) deep into the world of fandom and PWP fanfiction for the first time. On January 19, 2010, the character of Dr. Reid Oliver graced our screen for the first time (and OMG, you guys, did anyone else realize the anniversary timing!?! I didn’t till just now). Three fully realized gay characters. And ATWT has been cancelled, but no matter how their stories end, these three characters are part of the story till the bitter end. These gay characters matter!!! And as someone on here once said (I paraphrase), Luke was teh lone gay when he first came out, but when Noah came out, he dragged a bunch more with him. And some of them may have been only bit or one-story-arc characters, but NONE of them were - oh look! Here’s teh gay for comic effect. Throughout this, I’ve read stories about how their characters helped people have the courage to come out, or started to change viewers’ homophobia. For every “housewife in Kansas” (please to excuse gross generalization) who gets invested in the storyline, we’re one step closer to an America were equality is really for all. So on the equality front, I DON’T CARE how it ends! I’m waving my damn pride flag till the bitter end!

    2. Amazing Writing and Acting: We all have times when we get mad at the actors, characters, writers and TPTB. But let’s face it, we wouldn’t even care if they hadn’t made us invest in these characters, and they ALL deserve credit for that. We care so much about Luke and Reid having a happy ending because they are made of awesomesauce, and all of the above made that happen. The writers and producers created Dr. Reid Oliver, and made him one of the most awesome and unsoapy characters to ever grace a daytime screen. And with him as a foil, Luke’s character truly blossomed. We may or may not like how it ends, but we ALL love:
    “Holy Codependency”
    “So if I told you I was a Pisces and yet, IRONICALLY allergic to fish, you and I would have somehow bonded?”
    “I think I can make an exception in your case.”
    The writers totally shined in writing for Reid, and Eric Sheffer Stevens acted the hell out of him. And Van Hansis has always been amazing, but Luke got to be rooftop!Luke, and Did-You-Lose-Your-Memory-Too!Luke and chess-playing!Luke, and these are all awesomesauce too.

    3. The Fandom: In this group alone, we are close to 800 people who have come together to express our love for the epicness that is Luke Snyder and Reid Oliver. Some of us were Nuke shippers (some still are), some found commonalities with QAF, some were simply LuRed in (oh hai! C what I did there). Everyone in all fandoms becomes involved because of their story: we want to read about the story, discuss the story, squee over the story, and perhaps most importantly, CONTINUE the story. We are an awesome fandom! We have great writers, vidders, icon makers, recappers, and we have made the story our own. No matter what happens when the show ends we will always have: [info]fatherbananas’s amazing cartoon videos, [info]_alicesprings & [info]newssodark’s epic PicFic, [info]_suzvoy’s hilarious FaceSpace series. And those are just the funny ones (trying to keep things light). We’ve got our own in-jokes: “Nobody likes a Cock-blocker, Bob!” “Dr. Oliver: Medical BadAss” “He only wanted me for my car!” “Orchard” And this is my most important point, as Anthony recently alluded to: The story is OURS, now. If we don’t like the endgame, we can have a poll and decide to declare it non-Canon. I DON’T CARE how the television story ends, but I DO CARE about this fandom. And I don’t want the story to be over. I want to read new things from all of you, and comment, and maybe someday have the courage to try my own. I want the LuRe love to live on. If you have to step away, I do understand, and if you have to deny or embrace whatever the endgame is, I support that too. But I DON’T CARE how the story ends, because Luke and Reid aren’t my OTP, [info]_alicesprings & [info]newssodark are :-), and if you all leave, that will be the only real bad ending as far as I’m concerned.
    Friday, August 6th, 2010
    3:24 pm
    If you have a chance, I highly recommned reading the full decision on the Prop 8 ruling. Truly brilliant!
    Sunday, June 13th, 2010
    4:33 pm
    Happy Pride!
    Marched in Pittsburgh PrideFest with the Sestak supporters. Truly heartening to see so many of our local politicians there in support (though our mayor sent a "representative, boo-hiss.)
    Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
    7:13 pm
    Thoughts on the current meta?
    So I've been watching the current meta fandom discussion develop re: slash and gay fiction. It keeps making me want to rant, but I'm not sure where my rants are going, or whether due to the nature of my fandoms, I'm coming from a perspective that doesn't encounter the issue.

    Rant 1: The whole "heteronormative" thing bugs me. Dominance/submission is not always Male/female. It is perfectly possible to be dominant AND a "penatratee," even at one and the same time. I resent the idea that Top/bottom relationships automatically translate as Male/female, and are therefore "heteronormative". On the other hand, my fandoms slash is canon. Maybe if I read other fandom slash, I would see egregious examples and understand where people are coming from. My "non-gay" fandoms are anything done by Joss Whedon, and I tend to follow strictly meta discussions, so I can't speak to that slash either.

    Rant 2: The slant of the argument about women as slash writers bugs me. I think there are some interesting things to be learnt about why more women are involved in fandom in general, not just slash, but I don't really think they're being explored here. Buffy was my first fandom, and there were several fascinating discussions by lesbian writers who wrote Buffy/Spike fiction, and why the relationship resonated with them, even more than Willow/Tara. There are many LGBT writers in my fandoms, and I think we can have interesting discussions as to why, in QAF, for example, Brian/Justin resonates more with women fic writers than Mel/Lindsay. But again, since my fandoms slash is canon, even in the Whedonverse, maybe I'm just missing something.

    But even serial killer!mermaid!Brian never struck me as subverting a gay character with heteronormative behavior.

    So, can anyone weigh in on this?
    Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
    8:05 pm
    So my PHB decides to host an event. He wants it to be "exclusive," so he throws years of successful event planning out the window. Now, the DAY before the event, he's whining that I need to recruit guests because no one is coming. I SO want to make this happen:

    Current Mood: irritated
    Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009
    9:43 pm
    I bite nicely
    1. You can ONLY answer Yes or No.
    2. No explanations unless someone comments and asks.

    Kissed any one of your IJ/LJ friends? Yes

    Dated any of your IJ/LJ friends? Yes

    Been arrested? No

    Done something you could have been arrested for? Yes.

    Kissed someone you didn't like? Yes.

    Slept in until 5 PM? Yes.

    Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes.

    Held a snake? Yes.

    Run a red light? No (I don't drive)

    Been suspended from school? Yes.

    Experienced love at first sight? No

    Totaled your car in an accident? No

    Been fired from a job? Yes

    Fired somebody? No.

    Sung karaoke? Yes.

    Pointed a gun at someone? No.

    Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes.

    Swum in the ocean? Yes.

    Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yes.

    Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes.

    Kissed in the rain? Yes.

    Had a close brush with death (your own)? Yes.

    Seen someone die? Yes.

    Jumped out of a plane? No.

    Played spin-the-bottle? Yes.

    Sung in the shower? Yes.

    Smoked a cigar? No.

    Jumped off a high cliff? No.

    Sat on a rooftop? Yes.

    Taken pictures of yourself? Yes.

    Smuggled something into another country? No.

    Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? Yes.

    Broken a bone? No.

    Caught a fish? No.

    Rode in a car trunk? Yes.

    Skipped school? Yes.

    Danced all night? Yes.

    Posed nude for an artist? Yes.

    Eaten a bug? Yes.

    Sleepwalked? No.

    Walked a moonlit beach? Yes.

    Ridden a motorcycle? No.

    Spent the night in a desert? No.

    Been on video doing something embarrassing? Yes.

    Dumped someone? Yes.

    Forgotten your anniversary? No.

    Lied to avoid a ticket? No.

    Eaten frog legs? No.

    Ridden in a helicopter? No.

    Shaved your head? No.

    Blacked out from drinking? No.

    Been Divorced? No.

    Played a prank on someone? Yes.

    Hit a home run? No.

    Felt like killing someone? Yes.

    Cross-dressed? Yes.

    Cheated? Yes.

    Been falling-down drunk? Yes.

    Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? Yes.

    Eaten snake? No.

    Marched/Protested? Yes.

    Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? No.

    Puked on amusement ride? No.

    Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? Yes.

    Romantically kissed someone of same gender? Yes.

    Been in a band? No.

    Knitted? No.

    Been on TV? Yes.

    Fired a gun? No.

    Met someone famous? Yes.

    Skinny-dipped? Yes.

    Given someone stitches? Yes.

    Had sea monkeys as a pet? No.

    Eaten a whole habenero pepper? Yes.

    Ridden a surfboard? No.

    Drank straight from a liquor bottle? Yes.

    Had surgery? Yes.

    Streaked? Yes.

    Eaten oysters? Yes.

    Taken by ambulance to hospital? No (but in a cop car once).

    Passed out when not drinking? Yes.

    Peed on a bush? Yes.

    Donated Blood? Yes.

    Grabbed an electric fence? No.

    Eaten alligator meat? No.

    Eaten cheesecake? Yes.

    Eaten your kids'/siblings' Halloween candy? Not without permission.

    Killed an animal when not hunting? Only if insects count.

    Trespassed on private property? Yes.

    Peed your pants in public? Sadly, yes.

    Snuck into a movie without paying? Yes.

    Written graffiti? Yes.

    Still love someone you shouldn't? Yes.

    Think about the future? Yes.

    Bought a homeless person food/clothes? Yes.

    Had a profound spiritual experience? No.

    Been in handcuffs? Yes. ;-)

    Hitchhiked? Yes.

    Believe in love? Yes.

    Been rock climbing? No.

    Sleep on a certain side of the bed? Yes.

    Raised money for charity? Yes.

    Happy right now? Yes.
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